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Is your business Mobile compliant? We have all seen a rapid advance of smartphones and the newest wave of touch sensitive tablet computing devices. While many business professionals have used smartphones such as Blackberry devices and wireless phones in recent years, the advent of the Apple iPad and Android devices have brought a dramatic upsurge in tablet and mobile usage and demand for integration into the enterprise environment. Vendors of systems have quickly embraced this new device and have developed iPad and Android applications for integrated access into their systems.


The nature of working with a very mobile device is characteristically quite different than that experienced with computers. Indeed early adopters are recognizing that in some instances the limited screen size does not work well with applications designed for larger displays. To truly take advantage of this new technology requires planning regarding application system selection and process design. Policies must also be created regarding decive usage, ownership, economic responsibility and provision of applications that run solely on the tablet device, such as informaton databases, and dynamic information.


With our deverse group of experienced IT consultants and affilliates, we believe we can offer unique consulting service to support the adoption of tablet computers and other mobile IT devices into your facility.


Our core Mobile IT service areas:


Custom Mobile Compliance Design & Development

Planning and policy development

Network and security practices

Selection and contracting support

Utilization and help desk activities

Wireless Access Point (WAP) Design, Development & Management

Our range of services is not limited to the above list. So, if you're not sure which of the listed services is exactly your case, feel free to contact us with your requirements description or initial questions, and our knowledgeable consultants will respond as promptly as possible about how we can assist you.

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