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The implementation of a technology solution is much more than the procurement of sleek processing machines and "state of the art" software. Too often, organizations make IT decisions based upon preexisting prejudices for Hardware and Software. The selection of an optimal solution requires a comprehensive, objective analysis of business needs and the development of the appropriate architecture to address those needs.


RomeCreek consultants work with you in designing the most appropriate solution. Unlike many public accounting and professional service firms, we have No formal relationship with hardware or software vendors. This conscious decision to decline such relationships permits us to provide you with a true, independent opinion on the proper technology solution for your organization.

RomeCreek assists organizations in building an information technology architecture by:


Defining business processes and designing best in class information flows.

Indentifying the critical data elements for information technology processing.

Working with process owners to identify functional requirements.

Working with information technology resources to define specific technical requirements based upon functional needs.

Developing an RFP or RFI for distribution to qualified hardware and software vendors.

Assisting clients with the vendor evaluation and system selection (including contract negotiation, if required).


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