RomeCreek Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services

RomeCreek Consulting is one of the fatest growing Information Technology Consulting Firms in the Central Ohio region. Our name, our growth, and public recognition are the results of our total commitment to our clients' success. Over 95% of our revenue comes from referrals and repeat business. Therefore, commitment to client success is a full time job. RomeCreek is proud of the many successes we have been able to provide to our growing client community. Our clients range in size from local sole proprietorships to publically held, global manufactureres and distributors operating in dozens of international settings. Regardless of the size of the client, each one deserves and receives our utmost commitment to success.

The first paragraph of our mission statement reads as follows:

To provide clients with high quality, high value IT services by focusing on engagements that provide our clients Measurable Results, Quick Payback, and a Sound Return on Investment (ROI).

It is this dedication to providing IT solutions that result in a measurable client benefit that is behind all of the success RomeCreek enjoys.

IT Consutling Services

Over the past 18 years, RomeCreek has been providing a wide array of end-to-end IT solutions for a range of key vertical industries and horizontal competencies. Leveraging a powerful combination of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards, strategic vision, a vast spectrum of technical and technological competencies, RomeCreek offers its clients... Read More

Mobile Responsiveness

Is your business Mobile compliant? We have all seen a rapid advance of smartphones and the newest wave of touch sensitive tablet computing devices. While many business professionals have used smartphones such as Blackberry devices and wireless phones in recent years, the advent of the Apple iPad and Android devices have brought a dramatic upsurge in tablet usage... Read More

IT Consulting Performance

Technology is a critical tool that assists growing and mature organizations in maximizing business success and achieving their strategic goals. Expert IT consultants from our consulting firm assist clients in addressing their curent and future technology needs. Our IT consulting firm provides services to a wide variety of companies in any and every industry from healthcare to construction, to... Read More

Managed Consulting Firm

RomeCreek is a Management Consulting Firm that provides Business and Information Technology Consulting to a vast array of business'. Some our our specialties include Management Consulting, IT, Operations Improvement, Network and Telephony Consutling,Visioning, Management Retreats and Trends Presentations, Planning (Long Range, Tactical, Infastructure, Network and ... Read More

jQuery Slider, Tabs and Accordion

jQuery is a very powerful and easy to use JavaScript library that we at RomeCreek incorporate into our web development projects and applications that allow our clients to be ready for the mobile generation. This powerful tool includes a sliding content section, tabbed panels or collapsible jQuery accordion content on your site or applications.

IT Consulting Strategy

RomeCreek consultants assist clients in defining an information technology strategy to complement its strategic business plan by: Confirming Strategic Mission and Vision, Identifying Business Objectives and Goals, Identifying Technology Trends, Providing Market and Competitive Analysis focused on Technology's role, Assessing the Organizational impact of Technology initiatives.... Read More

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Projects Start with a Plan

Projects need to have a solid plan in place to be truly successful. A solid plan means a solid finished project. There are four simple Phases that every plan should follow: (1) Strategy, (2) Architecture, (3) Implementation and finally (4) Performance. Keep these steps in mind for your next sucessful project.

IT Architecture

The implementation of a technology solution is much more than the procurement of sleek processing machines and "state of the art" software. Too often, organizations make IT decisions based upon preexisting prejudices for Hardware and Software. The selection of an optimal solution... Read More

IT Consulting Implementation

The implementation of an information technology solution is no small undertaking for an organization of any size. In most instances, companies' do not have the necessary resources, capabilities or expertise to successfully implement the solution while still staying abreast of the daily demands... Read More

IT Performance

Your organization has recently gone "live" with its new information technology business system; however, you are concerned about its continued inability to meet the expectations that drove your organization to undergo such a large project in the first place... Read More

IT Audits and Assessments

The renewed focus on internal controls and the mandates imposed on senior management for attesting to their design and functioning resulted in organizations realizing that many of their key internal controls are embedded in their information technology app... Read More

Customization Ease

Today's business is mobile and global. In order to survive and thrive, your staff, partners and customers need access to your business critical data from throughout the world via the disparate interfaces. Whether your data is delivered on your LAN, WAN, through... Read More

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